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Very Nearly Hardly Never Maybe (VNHNM) at Lemmings

I was super excited to once again see Very Nearly Hardly Never Maybe after they blew me away with their performance at the Christmas Casbah festival last December. The setlist was similar as it featured amazing performances of I Saw Your Twin, Drinking Alone and Last Beer in the Universe.

I must say their performance of my favorite song Last Beer in the Universe was mesmerizing & flawless! We even got treated to a cover of my favorite Blondie song Dreaming which I found they did an amazing job on and found a way to make it their own.

The husband & wife duo of Andy and Brian Loftus along with their bandmates Tim Jack and Hjalmar Bass Dude put on a kickass performance full of energy & pure fun.

No matter how long a week everyone had by that point, the guys were getting folks pumped & moving and buying second rounds of beers!

I was highly impressed by the lyrical & sonic qualities on display from everyone on stage. One could easily tell that everyone loved playing with one another as everyone fed off each other to help put on quite the memorable set.

Seeing VNHNM (Short for Very Nearly Hardly Never Maybe) throughout Chicago is something I really look forward to. I highly suggest you check them out as they are not only amazingly gracious people but super talented as well!

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